Jami' al-Sa'adat (The Collector of Felicities)

Brief introduction

Jami' al-Sa'adat (The Collector of Felicities) written by Mohammad Mahdi Naraghi, by correction and annotation of Sayyed Mohammad Kalantar and introduction of Mohammad Reza Mozaffar is an ethical book in Arabic and in the year 1196 (lunar).

The book begins by two introductions from Shaikh Mohammad Reza Mozaffar and the author, and the materials of the three volumes divided in three sections.
This book as the author says contains one part of old practical wisdom (morality) and doesn't state about other parts –organizing home and governing cities- because his goal of writing this, is only discussing about modifying the soul and refinement of morality.
The author mostly is inspired by the book "Tahzibol akhlagh va Tathirol Aragh" and "Akhlaghe Nasri" written by Abu Ali Moskovaih and Khaje Nasiroddin Tusi respectively.
This book like other ethical books in Islamic periods has not have an outstanding position. The reason of this happening is lack of attention to morality science seemingly.
The scholars of morality have been teaching moral matters by their actions and behaviors rather than saying and writing; that’s because not only morality is obtained by studying moral books but by permanent practice and upbringing specially in childhood before learning reading. Therefore if studying book was enough for getting promotion in morality, moral books would had been more precious and additionally one moral book would be enough for all human beings.

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اگر شيعيان ما ـ كه خداوند آنها را به طاعت و بندگى خويش موفّق بدارد ـ در وفاى به عهد و پيمان الهى اتّحاد واتّفاق مى‌داشتند و عهد و پيمان را محترم مى‌شمردند، سعادت ديدار ما به تأخير نمى‌افتاد و زودتر به سعادت ديدار ما نائل مى‌شدند.

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