Self-Recognition for Self-Improvement

Breif introduction

Quran has emphasized strongly on knowing God through setting all the creatures around the world a sign to lead to God. Also he has emphasized on knowing human himself. It means that for knowing human there is something more precious sign which is human himself. Self-recognition is the top level of recognitions that ends up to recognition of God. There are traditions from Imams that say self-recognition is the most helpful knowledge and again say whoever recognized himself indeed he has recognized God. Therefore self-recognition is the best knowledge and most helpful recognitions. This book through Quranic and philosophical viewpoint talks about self-recognition concept and this is the first books of Mr.Mesbah Yazdi which has been published 30 years ago.

The book contains issues such as recognizing the completion, philosophical thoughts about completion, approaching to God, reality of worshiping and other things.

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گوهر ناب

امام زمان عج فرمودند:

اگر شيعيان ما ـ كه خداوند آنها را به طاعت و بندگى خويش موفّق بدارد ـ در وفاى به عهد و پيمان الهى اتّحاد واتّفاق مى‌داشتند و عهد و پيمان را محترم مى‌شمردند، سعادت ديدار ما به تأخير نمى‌افتاد و زودتر به سعادت ديدار ما نائل مى‌شدند.

اَللّهُمَّ عَجِّل لِوَلیِّکَ الفَرَج

جهت تعجیل در فرج

وارث غدیر

امام زمان عجل الله تعالی فرجه الشریف