Anecdotes of Pious Men

Brief introduction

The story either in text or verbal has a long antiquity in our culture. Stories with champions from sky or over the earth who were struggling with matters created by the authors. Over the time stories have been written describing the lives of high-level and famous personalities. Also there are various and short religious tales among tradition and hadith books. Before Mr.Motahhari these tales were scattered through books but were gathered by people like him. As Mr. Motaharri mentions in the preface of his book, as long as he has felt the importance of these tales started to gather the stories of moral and popular personalities by developing in some aspects from books. Educative stories with real personalities and events if narrated with simple words can have a great impact on the path of moral and social up bring, although the author was faced with oppositions. Opposing of people who consider such works low for someone like him. As the author says, such obstacles have caused us to have less religious books in these fields. Some people do not watch the significant impact of those books though they spend years to print books which are important in their viewpoint even if they are useless for people.

As long as this book indicates the life of people who want to step on the right path the author has named it "Dastane Rastan" which means "the tales of righteous people". Its way of writing is simple which is perceivable for all.

A prose which facilitates literal difficulties for understanding. The author believes that a good story is the one which makes the reader to think and should not be easy to reach to conclusions readily; because if an issue was not tied with the soul of the reader and he doesn't add any thoughts to that, that would not have an impact on his actions.

Because of that Mr. Motahhari has tried to state the stories generally and prevents to point out the moral results directly due to respect the thoughts of reader and makes him to think. Titles of the stories are selected in a way which the end of the story in not clear. The author has had this in his mind that the stories have a better attraction for the addressees and not to such a moral statement. By the use of form of the tales regarding the main points of the story the author has developed the story due to better attraction for readers something that is close to rewriting of today, of course a rewriting that is remained close. The selection of stories regarding the personalities has not been fanatically, beside to Muslims non-Muslims have also come along.

After this innovation of the author restating of religious stories began and nowadays the stories are printed in short, long and as a collection.

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